SharePoint Health Check

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Hearing the term “health check” immediately makes you think of a medical checkup and may send chills down some of our spines. Well, relax, we’re not talking about that this time. What we’re talking about is a health check of your SharePoint environment. You may wonder why a health check would be beneficial to you. The simple answer is peace of mind.

Imagine that you have a large user base, maybe it’s 500 users or 5,000 users, and you want to ensure that your users are being presented with a hearty and robust experience within SharePoint. Whether your users have raised concerns or you’re looking to stay ahead of the game, a health check helps you to gain a full insight of your environment.

So what is included in a Health Check?



  • Server Log Assessment
  • Infrastructure Logic
  • Farm Configuration Review
  • SQL Assessment
  • Authentication Review
  • Search Application Review
  • Backup and Recovery Review
  • Code Assessment to identify complexities and errors
  • Custom Application Analysis
  • Log Review
  • Review of specific or random pages
  • Browser check across multiple browser platforms
  • Inspection of SharePoint custom sites and homepages
  • Security Certificate review
  • Site Permission Audit
  • Security Configuration of local servers
  • AV Configuration
  • Security and Cumulative Update Review
  • Site Collection Count
  • Subsite count
  • Item Count
  • Field Count
  • Throttling Configuration
  • Full in-depth analysis from a user perspective
  • Selection of specific or random workflows
  • Review functionality of workflow
  • Assessment of code to identify better solutions
  • Review of InfoPath Forms
  • Assessment of custom rules and code
  • Review of InfoPath views
  • Identify better solutions