Implementing Office 365 and Azure Together

Office 365 and Azure can be used together to create a secured cloud based environment that services most or all of the IT needs of many organizations.

When a customer or partner (on behalf of a customer) provisions an Office 365 tenant, an Azure AD (Azure Active Directory) instance is created. Administrators of the Office 365 subscription can access the Azure AD instance if they have access to an Azure subscription and the Azure management console.

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite is comprised of a few services that span Office 365 and Azure, including Azure AD Premium. Azure AD Premium lets Office 365 customers deliver some interesting services to their users, primarily revolving around securing organizational information. As the name implies, there’s a focus on mobile device support.

We’re now seeing the introduction of new services that span Office 365 and Azure, and that leverage the Office 365 user directory that is implemented in Azure AD. A good example is the Cortana Analytics Suite. This suite of products includes big data, machine learning, and business intelligence capabilities. The Microsoft Cloud is delivering value and benefit beyond my own ability to imagine. Office 365 and Azure come together to open up a world of solutions that are accessible to everyone.

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