EasyTerritory Announces October 2015 Release

The following release notes describe the new features in this latest release:

  • New 2.0 Look! We wanted to improve the initial user experience which led to updates to the toolbar and the mark-up panel UI.
  • Bing Traffic overlay. From the layer selection drop-down, you now have the option to see the real-time traffic overlays from Bing Maps.
  • Collapsible panels. The collapsible panels in the right panel allows for more real estate on markup and shape statisitcs.
  • Improved freeform filter search with wildcards and case-insensitivity.
  • Improved quick-filter in legend.
  • Auto-refreshing on WMS layers. This is a great addition for the weather radar overlay data.
  • Same-site clustering support. Same site clustering support is great for point datasets that have stacked point locations (e.g. the same latitude/longitude). With this support only stacked locations are clustered. (Available for Enterprise Edition Only)
  • Notes feature (add notes to any record on the map). The new notes feature allows you to create notes with a date/time stamp on records stored in SQL and added to the map through the catalog. (Available for Enterprise Edition Only)
  • Improved stats handling and remove blank stats to reduce clutter.
  • Clip feature now supports negative buffer. This feature reduces the possibility of segments remaining after a clip (remove from) feature.
  • Query from callout – quickly query other layers from an identified poly feature.
  • Query – all feature from data-grid.
  • Improved data-grid loading performance.
  • Minor fixes and other improvements.

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